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Pantaenius - Hurricane Information

September 07, 2017

As the extent of the devastation and damage caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, in both the Caribbean and Florida, becomes evident,  it is clear that the situation on the ground  remains critical with some affected areas still without electricity and water. 

Pantaenius in co-operation with Marine Claims Service (MCS) has already sent a team of experts to some of the affected areas with a view to identifying our clients‘ vessels, undertake initial damage assessments and where necessary,  begin the salvage process. 

Another team is currently preparing to head to the Virgin Islands, where the situation is particularly complex.

With the well being of the local population being the top priority, our teams on the ground will continue to coordinate with local authorities and relief organisations to ensure that our claims handling does not hinder their work or block vital equipment needed in the rebuilding.

If you are in the affected area and you suspect your yacht has possible damage, please send us the following information by email to

-          Client name/Boat name/ Policy number
-          Exact place of your vessel - on land (shipyard name) or at mooring
           (harbor name and berth number
-          Local contact (name and phone number)
-          Last pictures of your vessel before the event

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require any additional information. In the case of an emergency, please phone our helpline on +377 6 80 869 440.